Becoming a Cignall Franchisee


Cignall is always interested in taking on franchisees with a positive retail attitude and who want to build a successful business.

Information statement for prospective franchisees – Click to download a PDF copy

To be a Cignall franchisee you must be able to meet the following criteria;

  1.  Must have or be capable of achieving a volume of over 125,000 sticks of cigarettes per month.
  2.  Majority of turnover must be from tobacco products. An example of stores not able to meet this criteria would be milk bars or convenience stores.
  3. You are also restricted to the other categories you may sell in stores (more details available upon contacting Cignall).


Examples of stores with tobacco as a primary focus
cig_store_pf_02 cig_store_pf_01
cig_store_pf_03 cig_store_pf_04


Convenience store with a Non-Primary focus on tobacco


If you think Cignall can assist you in developing your business please contact us.